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Rockland resident publishes her first book

By Ashlee Fairey
The Patriot Ledger
Posted Nov 02, 2010 @ 12:38 PM
Last update Nov 02, 2010 @ 04:52 PM

Rockland resident Stacy Padula’s first book, “Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person,” was published in August by Strategic Publishing Group.

It is the first of five novels in the Montgomery Lake High series, which follows a group of high school friends and their struggles with substance abuse and finding faith.

“I wanted to write a realistic series to represent what really happens in high school,” the 27-year-old author said.

She began writing the first book when she was a high school student and resumed writing in 2006.

The second book of the series, “Montgomery Lake High #2: When Darkness Tries to Hide,” is expected to come out in the spring.

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Pembroke Express Says…

Pembroke writer launches series
Written by Becca Manning
Thursday, 19 August 2010 10:04
It’s been nine years since she graduated from high school, but Pembroke native Stacy Padula remembers clearly what it felt like to be a teenager.“It was such a war zone,” she said of high school. “You’d have somebody say something about you and you’d be like, ‘I don’t even know where they got that.’ […] Between the rumors, the gossip, the fake friendships and the drugs … it was definitely a war zone.”

A 2001 graduate of Silver Lake Regional High School, Padula has good memories, too, and is still best friends with people she went to school with. But she also believes kids may not get an honest picture of what high school is like before they get there.

“I grew up reading a lot of books and it kind of painted a picture in my mind of what high school was going to be like, and then I stepped into it and it wasn’t anything like that,” Padula said. “It’s not Baby-Sitters Club; it’s not Sweet Valley High. I just felt like kids really needed books that were realistic to kind of prepare them.”

Padula hopes to help fill that gap with a series of novels called “Montgomery Lake High.” The first in the series, “The Right Person,” was released this month, published by Connecticut-based Eloquent Books, part of Strategic Publishing Group.

Padula started writing the series when she was in high school and rediscovered the books after college.

“I read through them and I was shocked that at such a young age I knew what half the stuff I wrote about was,” she said. “I decided to edit them and write additional books to kind of connect them, to explain how one got to the other, and added in bits of wisdom I picked up along the way.”

She sent out query letters to about 70 literary agencies, found one interested in representing her and then shopped the book around to publishers.

“I started sending out the letters in January 2009 and got an offer by October 2009 from a publisher. I felt like it was forever, but evidently it can take a lot longer than that. I ended up signing with them in November,” Padula said.

She is currently working on the second book in the series and said in total she has written five — though she doesn’t have plans to stop anytime soon.

“I just want to keep writing. I want to know what happens next, because I don’t know when I sit down what I’m going to write but I know my characters,” she said. “It’s like watching a movie. You can’t wait for the end.”

The first book tells the story of characters Chris Dunkin and Courtney Angeletti (later books center around other characters at the fictional school).

“Chris is realizing he’s kind of gotten in over his head with partying at a young age and it’s really affecting his life. One day, he meets this girl and he’s just drawn to her, he just sees a light about her. Something’s different and he just wants to know what it is,” Padula said. “Courtney, the girl, had been raised as a Christian and she’s very strong in her faith and was able to not get pulled into what Chris and his friends are into. […] She’s dealing with getting pulled into high school and getting to know Chris’ friends and how all of a sudden she’s feeling like she doesn’t fit in and wanting to get accepted.”

Padula said the books do follow a spiritual theme — the author grew up attending St. Thecla Church in Pembroke and now attends New Hope Church in Norwell — but that it isn’t overwhelming.

“There’s a Christian message to it, but not like a rigid, follow-the-law message — more like the law of liberty and love and pursuing a relationship with Christ as opposed to following all these rules thinking that’s going to set you free,” she said.

Padula grew up in Pembroke, moving to Kingston her sophomore year of high school. After graduating from Silver Lake, she attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where she studied architecture and interior design, temporarily putting her writing on hold. After college, Padula worked at an architecture firm for several years but felt something was missing.

“I wanted to be doing something that helped. I wanted to be more involved with people and doing something I felt was useful and utilizing more of my talents and gifts,” she said.

Padula got connected with JBG Tutors, a company that helps kids work on certain subjects and study for tests like the SAT and ACT. She recently was promoted to program director when the company expanded to JBG Educational Group, now doing career counseling and consulting as well as tutoring. She lives in Rockland and works mainly in the Metro West area of Boston, though the business is starting to expand.

“I love my job. I literally wake up every day and I can’t believe I get paid to do this,” Padula said. “It also leaves me time to write.”

Padula’s first book, “Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person,” is available now on and Eventually, it will be available in whatever bookstores decide to order it through the distributor, Padula said.

She said she is open to the idea of doing book signings or speaking to kids at school about her books.

“I believe in the message behind the books, so anything that’s going to reach out and help kids find out about it, I’m open to,” she said. “[…] I figure the books will get in the hands of whoever is meant to read them. My hope is that they meet them wherever they’re at, and that it can prepare younger kids for high school or encourage kids who are in high school to kind of rise above it and to hold their ground, not buckle under the pressure.”

News Travels Fast!

Well, news certainly travels fast! Today the Pembroke Mariner called me, requesting an interview about “The Right Person”.  I was excited for the opportunity! The article is going to be printed in Friday’s paper. I am very interested to see what it will say! It’s a strange feeling, to know someone is writing about you and the book that you wrote. Signing off now… Book #5 needs some editing!

Hello World!

Press Release (click below):

Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person – Press Release!

From the author: I grew up reading a few book series, that painted a picture in my mind of what high school would be like. Just after turning 14, I walked through the doors of high school and quickly realized it was nothing like what I had read; rather, it was a war zone! I felt that, in a way, the books I had read as a pre-teen had been a disservice to my emotional/spiritual/mental preparation for high school. That was when I began writing the Montgomery Lake High book series. I decided that teens needed realistic books to read that wrestled with the battles of social acceptance, drugs, alcohol, and other sensitive issues. I wrote three of the books while I was in high school, and then revisited them after college. I realized I had a book series before my eyes that had been written from the perspective of someone who was right in the battle! I then began professionally editing the books. After four years of editing, writing, and praying, I released Montgomery Lake High to the public. It is my hope that these books will help prepare pre-teens and teens for high school–the peer pressure, temptations, and harsh battle between gaining social acceptance and discovering who you are.

About the author: At 26, Stacy Padula of Pembroke, Massachusetts, looks back on her teen years as a lesson for others. She is writing her Montgomery Lake High books in the hope they can help kids deal with the stresses and peer pressure of high school. “I also wanted to encourage kids to steer a straight path, pursue God, and not fall for the false promises of the world.”