Raw & Realistic Y.A. Fiction Novel Prepares Kids For High School

Written by Lindsay Rourke, Kingston, MA For so many, high school is the start to a young adult’s independence, an opportunity to attest newly developed characters, morals, and will power. A time to leave that juvenile teen behind, and develop into adolescence. Modern young adult literature depicts high school in an unrealistic way, shying awayContinue reading “Raw & Realistic Y.A. Fiction Novel Prepares Kids For High School”

“Gripped” Relationships: Bryan Sartelli & Courtney Angeletti

We continue our character illustrations with Bryan Sartelli and Courtney Angeletti. These two have been sweethearts since 7th grade, aside from the 2 months in 9th grade when Courtney decided she wanted a taste of a rebellious life by dating then “life of the party” Chris Dunkin. Courtney dating Chris was anything but easy onContinue reading ““Gripped” Relationships: Bryan Sartelli & Courtney Angeletti”

Stacy Padula Releases 3rd Edition of Her Young Adult Top Seller “The Right Person”

Growing up in the shadow of two NFL-destined cousins, Chris Dunkin has high hopes for his own future in football. However, a drug addiction threatens to destroy everything he has worked hard to attain. When Chris…

“The Right Person” by Stacy Padula Shows How Faith Can Benefit Teenagers

Throughout The Right Person by Stacy Padula, loyalty and faith were common themes in many scenarios. Several characters had certain desires but knew that they had to stay loyal to a person or to a commitment. Additionally, God being a place of strength became increasingly apparent as the story advanced.

I recommend this book for parents & teens!

Charlotte Silverman is a senior at Needham High School in Needham, Massachusetts. Below she shares her opinion of a young adult book “The Right Person,” which is the first book in Stacy Padula’s Montgomery Lake High Book Series, which is frequently listed as an Amazon best seller for YA books dealing with peer pressure andContinue reading “I recommend this book for parents & teens!”

Rebecca Ronning on “The Right Person” by Stacy Padula

Rebecca Ronning, New York, NY Rebecca is a junior at Brooklyn Technical High School in Brooklyn, New York. As a city kid, some of her hobbies include riding the subway and exploring the city with friends, making all kinds of art and traveling with her family and experiencing new and exciting things along the way. WhatContinue reading “Rebecca Ronning on “The Right Person” by Stacy Padula”

Montana Aldridge on Montgomery Lake High #1 by Stacy Padula

– Written by Montana Aldridge, Class of 2019, Plymouth North High School, Plymouth, Massachusetts I was enlightened by the overall theme of this book. It provided me with real life examples of the tough decisions that I will come across as I grow older. The message this book relayed to me was that it isContinue reading “Montana Aldridge on Montgomery Lake High #1 by Stacy Padula”

Jack Gallagher Reviews Book #1 in the Montgomery Lake High Young Adult Series by Stacy Padula

A rising high school junior at Norwell High School in Massachusetts reviews Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person by Stacy Padula: As a high school student myself I have a personal connection to this book. The way that the use of drugs and alcohol are presented in this book are unfortunately truthful. As youContinue reading “Jack Gallagher Reviews Book #1 in the Montgomery Lake High Young Adult Series by Stacy Padula”