“Gripped” Relationships: Bryan Sartelli & Courtney Angeletti

We continue our character illustrations with Bryan Sartelli and Courtney Angeletti. These two have been sweethearts since 7th grade, aside from the 2 months in 9th grade when Courtney decided she wanted a taste of a rebellious life by dating then “life of the party” Chris Dunkin. Courtney dating Chris was anything but easy on Bryan, seeing as Chris was one of his closest friends since childhood. Bryan, being as laid back and kind as he is, was able to understand why Chris was spending time with Courtney (she was the inspiration he needed to get his life on track), but it didn’t make the breakup hurt any less.

Thankfully, it didn’t take Courtney long to realize Bryan still owned her heart. Aside from all of that drama, Bryan and Courtney have a stable relationship throughout the books. When his friends get caught up in partying, Bryan distances himself from them with Courtney. There is never a point in any of the books where Bryan chooses time with his friends over time with her.

Being the mayor’s daughter, Courtney has a lot of social clout and influence, but she prefers to use those things for the good of others. Her love triangle with Bryan and Chris makes some of Bryan’s friends wary of her motives—namely Lisa and Cathy—so she isn’t accepted as part of their inner circle. Instead, Courtney becomes a part of Chantal’s group of friends, where she fits in much better.  Bryan successfully stays a part of both cliques, considered the “nice guy” and “good friend” by everyone. Courtney, being assertive, and Bryan, being passive, balance each other out well. He trusts her to take the lead without pressuring him to betray any part of his true self. She trusts him to be a stable and supportive partner with whom she can build a future. (When ISFP meets ENFJ.)