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2020 Radio Interview with author Stacy Padula, NBA Coach Brett Gunning, & illustrator Maddy Moore (The Creative Alchemist)

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Proceeds from Plymouth online store help dog charities

South Shore Author Stacy Padula Teams with NBA Coach Brett Gunning on a New Children’s Book Series
Stacy Padula O’Halloran selected as Empowered Woman of the Year for 2020 by the International Association of Top Professionals
Plymouth Woman: Empowered Woman of the Year
Plymouth Author’s Books Teach Young People about Substance Abuse and Addiction – Old Colony Memorial
SPG Author Stacy Padula Hits #2 on Amazon Best Sellers list
South Shore Author Stacy Padula’s New Young Adult Novel Achieves #1 New Release Ranking on Amazon
Stacy Padula Selected As Top Educational Consultant of the Year by IAOTP (NY)
South Shore Author Stacy Padula Opens Publishing Company: Briley & Baxter Publications
Author Stacy Padula Holds Book Signing at Barnes & Noble
Author Stacy Padula to Hold Barnes & Noble Book Signing in August
Barnes & Noble Teen Book Festival Features Author Stacy Padula
Stacy Padula on Young Adult Fiction, Addiction, & Faith
Acclaimed YA Novelist Stacy Padula to be Featured on CUTV News Radio
Barnes & Noble Teen Book Festival Featured Author
Who’s Who in America
Stacy Padula’s TV interview with Brit from Boston’s Bosslady News
Pembroke Author Stacy Padula Releases Second Book
Pembroke Author Pens High School Series
Patriot Ledger – Rockland Resident Publishes Her First Book
The Writers Life: Q&A
The Battle for Innocence
When Darkness Tries to Hide
The Right Person