Main Characters


MLH Character Collage

Chris Dunkin – Freshman

Activities: MLH football
Best Friends: Jason Davids, Jon Anderson, & Bryan Sartelli
Interests: football, baseball, Boston sports, anything social
Descriptive phrase: “the life of the party”

Jason Davids – Freshman

Activities: MLH JV baseball, Ski Club, Engineering Club
Best Friends: Chris Dunkin, Bryan Sartelli, & Jon Anderson
Interests: making people laugh, socializing, architecture, sports, academics
Descriptive phrase: “the one who’s [probably] up to no good”

Bryan Sartelli – Freshman

Bryan wall
Activities: MLH JV basketball, MLH JV baseball
Best Friends: Chris Dunkin, Jon Anderson, & Jason Davids
Interests: Boston sports, Courtney, friends, socializing, going with the flow
Descriptive phrase: “the nice guy”

Jon Anderson – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.04.45 AM
Activities: MLH JV baseball, MLH Varsity cross-country
Best Friends: Chris Dunkin, Bryan Sartelli, & Jason Davids
Interests: girls, meeting new people, sports, running
Descriptive phrase: “the class flirt”

Courtney Angeletti – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 4.47.25 AM
Activities: School Council, Ski Club, Yearbook
Best Friends: Marielle Kayne & Julianna Camen
Interests: shopping, politics, Christianity
Descriptive phrase: “the mayor’s daughter”

Marielle Kayne – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 5.51.02 AM
Activities: Drama Club, Yearbook
Best Friends: Courtney Angeletti, Julianna Camen, & Chantal Kagelli
Interests: going with the flow, scrap-booking, shopping, anything her friends are up for
Descriptive phrase: “the good friend”

Julianna Camen – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.45.09 AM
Activities: Peer Tutoring
Best Friends: Courtney Angeletti, Marielle Kayne, & later Cathy Kagelli
Interests: academics, nature, animals, traveling
Descriptive phrase: “the goody-goody”

Chantal Kagelli – Freshman

Chantal Cathy Aftermath
Activities: MLH JV football/hockey cheerleading
Best Friends: Marielle Kayne, but also has a long history with Alyssa Kelly
Interests: family, friends, church, volunteering, photography, Andy, socializing
Descriptive phrase: “the innocent one”

Cathy Kagelli – Freshman

Cropped CC JD JA Pics
Activities: MLH JV soccer, MLH JV basketball, Ski Club
Best Friends: Alyssa Kelly & Lisa Ankerman
Interests: being a social butterfly, laughing, sports, Jason, stirring up trouble
Descriptive phrase: “the one who runs the show”

Alyssa Kelly – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 4.37.14 AM
Activities: MLH Social Planning Committee, Ski Club
Best Friends: Cathy Kagelli, but also a long history with Chantal Kagelli
Interests: the latest gossip, anything girlie, fashion, socializing, planning parties
Descriptive phrase: “the princess”

Andy Rosetti – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 3.20.56 AM
Activities: Student Council Class President, MLH JV hockey, Community Service Association, Yearbook, Peer Tutoring, Guidance Aide, Student Government, Ski Club
Best Friends: Bobby Ryan & Lisa Ankerman
Interests: pleasing people, volunteering, inspiring others, sports, friends, family, church, Chantal, school, socializing, just about everything
Descriptive phrase: “Mr. Perfect”

Lisa Ankerman – Freshman

Lisa turn small
Activities: MLH JV football cheerleading, Student Council Class Representative
Best Friends: Leslie Lucus, Andy Rosetti, Katherine Rossi, & Cathy Kagelli
Interests: her boyfriend Jeff, friends, socializing, planning & plotting, fashion
Descriptive phrase: “the class beauty”

Katherine Rossi – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 4.27.30 AM
Activities: MLH Varsity football/hockey cheerleading, Student Council Class Secretary
Best Friends: Lisa Ankerman & Leslie Lucus
Interests: her boyfriend Bobby, cheerleading, friends, academics, writing
Descriptive phrase: “the quiet one”

Leslie Lucus – Freshman

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 6.15.54 AM
Activities: MLH JV football/basketball cheerleading, Student Council Class Representative
Best Friends: Katherine Rossi & Lisa Ankerman
Interests: meeting new people, socializing, laughing, being silly, talking, cheerleading
Descriptive phrase: “the social butterfly”

Jessie Robins – Freshman

Activities: MLH Honors Chorus, Christian Club
Best Friends: Sarah Gleeson
Interests: faith based activities, singing, youth group, church, bible study
Descriptive phrase: “the pastor’s daughter”

Luke Davids – Junior

Activities: Captain of MLH Varsity hockey, Ski Club
Best Friends: Marc Dunkin & Pat Ryan
Interests: making people laugh, socializing, Boston sports, pulling pranks, hanging out with the senior class, music, working out
Descriptive phrase: “the best looking upperclassman”

Marc Dunkin – Senior

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 4.28.28 AM
Activities: Co-Captain of MLH Varsity football, Student Council Class Representative
Best Friends: Luke Davids & Matt Davids
Interests: football, friends, family, academics, working out, Boston sports, girls, Boston College, meeting new people
Descriptive phrase: “the supportive one”

Michelle Taylor – Senior

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 5.19.02 AM
Activities: Co-captain of MLH Varsity football/basketball cheerleading, Christian Club
Best Friends: Allison Jordan, Day Angeletti, & Katie McKnight
Interests: faith, family, friends, cheerleading, encouraging others
Descriptive phrase: “the pretty one”

Jordan Dunkin – Sophomore in College

Activities: College Football
Best Friends: Mike Blanchard & Ricky McKnight
Interests: Notre Dame athletics, NFL, Boston sports, football, hockey, fitness
Descriptive phrase: “the middle child”

Taylor Dunkin – Senior in College

Activities: College Football
Best Friends: Ryan Blake, Josh Swanson, & Matt McSweeney
Interests: socializing, working out, Boston sports, fitness, NFL, NCAA, football
Descriptive phrase: “the best athlete to step foot in Montgomery”