Books by Stacy A. Padula


Stacy Padula’s Montgomery Lake High Book Series follows a large cast of personalities as they navigate through the social waters of high school.

Montgomery Lake High #1:

The Right Person

Friday night—a night that marks the beginning of the weekend and the long awaited break from the monotonous daily grind of school—is otherwise known as a night to party in Montgomery. Chris Dunkin and his closest friends have the “in” with the popular upperclassmen and know the best party spots in town. On this Friday night, however, an important choice must be made—one that will change the course of Chris’ life forever.

  Montgomery Lake High #2:

When Darkness Tries To Hide


As the skies grow darker and darker over Montgomery Lake High, not everyone takes the severe storm warning seriously. A day later, Andy Rosetti–the popular class president–is in a coma, and his classmate Jason Davids believes his own drug abuse is to blame for Andy’s accident.

Montgomery Lake High #3:

The Battle For Innocence

Within a dimly lit hospital room, Chantal Kagelli peers at her boyfriend Andy’s blank face. It has been one month since he slipped into a coma—one month since she last heard his voice. Chantal begins reflecting on their journey, which began two years prior in seventh grade.

bat·tle [bat-l]

1. A hostile encounter or engagement between opposing forces
2. A fight between two persons or animals
3. Any conflict or struggle

in·no·cence [in-uh-suhns]

1. The quality or state of being innocent; freedom from sin or moral wrong
2. Freedom from legal or specific wrong; guiltlessness
3. Simplicity; absence of guile or cunning; naiveté

Montgomery Lake High #4:

The Aftermath


A seemingly normal day in the quiet town of Montgomery is interrupted by a violent storm, leaving Andy Rosetti in grave danger. There is someone else at fault for Andy’s accident, and Jason Davids knows the truth. Jason, the most popular boy in their grade, possesses a tight-knit group of friends, a gorgeous girlfriend, and a not-so-hidden thirst for drug-induced pleasure. When Andy rolls past him on a stretcher, guilt swarms Jason’s mind. Will Andy’s accident be the wake up call Jason so desperately needs or will it push him further into his destructive habits?

Montgomery Lake High #5:

The Forces Within


After being trapped inside his own body, unable to communicate with anyone but his own thoughts, Andy Rosetti finally wakes up from the coma that controlled his life for one month. But upon awakening, Andy finds himself and his friends in an unfamiliar setting: a mansion riddled with secrets and supernatural forces. As his friends fall prey to the entities encompassing them, Andy must figure out if the darkness lies within the mansion’s walls or within the people surrounding him.