Books by Stacy A. Padula


Montgomery Lake High #1:

The Right Person

The Right Person is the debut novel in The Montgomery Lake High Book Series, which follows a large cast of personalities as they navigate through the social waters of high school. Characters include Chantal and Cathy Kagelli, identical twins whose similarities stop at face value (think good vs. evil, naive vs. manipulative); Chris Dunkin, a talented football player whose success is threatened by alcohol and drug abuse; Courtney Angeletti, the mayor’s straightedge daughter who cannot deny her attraction to Chris’ life of the party reputation; and Bryan Sartelli, Courtney’s loyal longterm boyfriend who happens to be best friends with Chris. Whether reading this novel as a teen or an adult, readers will be entertained, intrigued, and inspired by its dynamic array of characters and events.

  Montgomery Lake High #2:

When Darkness Tries To Hide


As the skies grow darker and darker over Montgomery Lake High, not everyone takes the severe storm warning seriously. A day later, Andy Rosetti—the popular class president—is in a coma, and his classmate Jason Davids feels responsible for the tragedy.

As Andy’s friends and family cope with the aftermath of the storm, Jason and his friends set out on a quest to save Andy’s life. Stopping at nothing, Jason begins to see that there are forces stronger than nature at work in Montgomery—and more than one life in need of saving.

Montgomery Lake High #3:

The Battle For Innocence

Within a dimly lit hospital room, Chantal Kagelli peers at her boyfriend Andy’s blank face. It has been one month since he slipped into a coma—one month since she last heard his voice. Chantal begins reflecting on their journey, which began two years prior in seventh grade.

bat·tle [bat-l]

1. A hostile encounter or engagement between opposing forces
2. A fight between two persons or animals
3. Any conflict or struggle

in·no·cence [in-uh-suhns]

1. The quality or state of being innocent; freedom from sin or moral wrong
2. Freedom from legal or specific wrong; guiltlessness
3. Simplicity; absence of guile or cunning; naiveté

Montgomery Lake High #4:

The Aftermath

Jason Davids has everything he could want, but everything is not enough. There is an emptiness—something unsettled in his soul. When disaster strikes his town, Jason is led to a paradoxical place of darkness and illumination, where his motives, thoughts, and beliefs are brought into question. A force stronger than nature is at work in Montgomery.

Montgomery Lake High #5:

The Forces Within

Behind the fog and shadowy trees that surround Fallen Lake, there lies an abandoned mansion that possesses generations of secrets. When Andy Rosetti, his girlfriend Chantal, and their closest friends venture to the New England destination, they are greeted by forces darker than anyone dared to imagine. It is not just by coincidence that Andy and his friends stumble upon this house of mirrors. One of his friends has a secret–a secret worth keeping them there. As thoughts and dreams become invaded by unknown entities, Andy struggles to fight off the forces threatening to overtake him. One by one, his friends become affected by the battle within the mansion’s walls. Andy begins to wonder if he is perceiving a new dimension of life or if his eyes have been open to a deeper reality. This story wrestles with spiritual warfare, hauntings, possessions, and deliverance.