Thayer Academy Senior Reviews Stacy Padula’s “The Right Person”

Written by Sophia Karnolt, Kingston, MA What I enjoyed most about The Right Person by Stacy A. Padula was how the book showed the truth about the beginning of high school, but it didn’t glorify it like most movies and other books do. This book really illustrated the struggles most freshmen have as they start … Continue reading Thayer Academy Senior Reviews Stacy Padula’s “The Right Person”

Q&A with Joanna Dakoyannis on “The Right Person” by Stacy Padula

Preteens and teens would benefit from reading this book in many ways. One way they would benefit from reading it is that it would give them an insight into what high school is like, in a very real setting. The setting of the book could be any high school in the area in which I live. It might also help them if they are going through a similar situation as one of the characters in the book, and could help them feel as if they are not alone in dealing with their similar social issue.