A Young Adult Novel that Entertains & Encourages Personal Growth


Written by Rebecca Ronning—NY, NY

In the wake of a disaster, it is only natural for communities to come together in an effort to rebuild what was brought down. The residents of Montgomery Lake seemed to take this sentiment to heart in Stacy Padula’s second book, “When Darkness Tries to Hide.” After a devastating tornado hits, one of the students at Montgomery Lake high school  is put in a coma, and an unlikely group of his classmates set up something for the community in his honor.

This book focuses on Jason, a popular jock and avid party-goer, as he begins to come to a realization that his reputation as the “life of the party” will only bring him so much joy. This book acts as a good reminder that people change, and that even just coming to the conclusion that you are not content with the way you treat yourself or others is an imperative step in making a much bigger change in your overall lifestyle.

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