Wake Up America

Young adult author Stacy Padula says, “Schools need to wake up and realize that in a world where 13 year olds are overdosing on heroin, a book that educates kids on the perils of opiate addiction would be a GOOD THING to make them read, preferably at age 11 or 12.” How many opioid relatedContinue reading “Wake Up America”

Why Having School on Veterans Day is an Utter Disrespect to America

As an educator who works privately with students across the state of Massachusetts, I was appalled to learn that some schools, such as Dana Hall of Wellesley, have chosen not to honor Veterans Day. This particular private institution has chosen to utilize its right to dictate its own academic calendar and not educate its studentsContinue reading “Why Having School on Veterans Day is an Utter Disrespect to America”

Stacy Padula Selected as 1 out of 5,000 by Publisher

Tonight, I am feeling very thankful and honored to be 1 of the 4 authors selected, out of 5,000, to be featured on the home page of my publisher’s website. To be chosen as a face of the company that has helped so many authors make their dreams come true and to know that the team you work with believes in you/your mission is incredible.

Remembering America’s Foundation

As American citizens it is only just and fair to link the birth of our nation with the American Revolution. A nation of independence, with a balance of freedom and security. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and so many other American Constitutional rights are taken for granted every day. For many of us, weContinue reading “Remembering America’s Foundation”

What Huckleberry Finn Can Teach America

Mark Twain’s classic, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, has become a controversial issue throughout the American education systems. There is much controversy over whether the novel should be taught in American high schools. Some believe that the novel promotes racial attitudes, while others see it as a good depiction of life in the 1800s. TheContinue reading “What Huckleberry Finn Can Teach America”

Rearranging the American School Year

When questioned as to why American students rank low in comparison to other countries, it is often believed that a lack of education is at fault. The countries whose students rank above America’s spend more time on education with longer school days or years. The American school year should be longer, with shorter days, andContinue reading “Rearranging the American School Year”

American Satires

The JudgeUpon the piano bench sat a well-dressed judge, Who ironically was incapable of holding a grudge. He dealt with the rich, and he dealt with the poor, He could not decide whom he pitied more. In murder cases, robberies, and DUIs, This judge is very keen on detecting lies. Persecuting the guilty is theContinue reading “American Satires”

Capitalism is the American Way

What is wrong with the northeast?!! John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and our other founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves. The states that had so much to do with the birth of America–a country founded upon Capitalism & faith in God–have completely lost sight of what makes America the land of opportunity & the landContinue reading “Capitalism is the American Way”