Model & Actress Stacey Queripel in the Montgomery Lake High Book Series

When my first book was published in 2010, I desired to bring my friends into the project by using their pictures to represent my characters. For four years, I did just that. However, when newer editions of my books were released, my publisher opted to feature models whom their designers could use for covers and book trailers, etc. Today, one familiar face remains: Stacey Queripel. 

Moby Dick: What Goes Around Comes Around

The Town-Ho’s Story is a very enticing chapter of Moby-Dick, or the Whale. Compared to many of the other chapters I have read so far, the storyline in The Town-Ho’s Story has been clear and to the point, yet mysterious at the same time. The themes fate and vengeance put themselves on clear display inContinue reading “Moby Dick: What Goes Around Comes Around”

Short Fiction: Hemingway, O’Connor, Salinger, & Cheever

A collection of my personal reactions to: In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway, A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor, Nine Stories by JD Salinger, & The Stories of John Cheever. May 25, 2005 A lot of emotional suffering took place within the first three chapters of “In Our Time.” Between theContinue reading “Short Fiction: Hemingway, O’Connor, Salinger, & Cheever”

The Rocking Horse Winner

The Rocking Horse Winner, by D. H. Lawrence, is a captivating story of death, devotion, love, luck, wealth, and family. The imagery of sight and sound that Lawrence uses throughout The Rocking Horse Winner is a key factor of the story’s captivating ability to its readers. As a result of the visual imagery Lawrence bringsContinue reading “The Rocking Horse Winner”

Animal Farm’s Relevance to Saddam Hussein

Various themes of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a novel based upon the Russian Revolution, are relevant in Modern Society. Power and Corruption, one of the main themes of Animal Farm, is a problem in modern day society. Let’s Get Real About Iraq by Fareed Zakariz (Newsweek 2/26/01) relates to Animal Farm in the sense that it isContinue reading “Animal Farm’s Relevance to Saddam Hussein”

What Huckleberry Finn Can Teach America

Mark Twain’s classic, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, has become a controversial issue throughout the American education systems. There is much controversy over whether the novel should be taught in American high schools. Some believe that the novel promotes racial attitudes, while others see it as a good depiction of life in the 1800s. TheContinue reading “What Huckleberry Finn Can Teach America”

Masculinity in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson depicts a Victorian London that is almost entirely without women. There are many aspects of life that are associated with women. By excluding women from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson avoids clouding up the plot with aspects irrelevant to the case. The oneContinue reading “Masculinity in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”

Review of Montgomery Lake High #3 – To Be Released Spring 2014

In anticipation of its public release, The Battle for Innocence was read and reviewed by a 7th grader at Pollard Middle School in Needham, Massachusetts.   “Jon Anderson’s heart pounded heavily against his chest as he opened Chris Dunkin’s front door. He had walked through that door thousands of times before, but never during one ofContinue reading “Review of Montgomery Lake High #3 – To Be Released Spring 2014”