“Gripped” Relationships: Jon Anderson & Chantal Kagelli

We continue our character relationship series with Jon Anderson and Chantal Kagelli whose relationship ends up being at the center of most drama that occurs in the two book series. This is true even years after their confusing breakup. But it didn’t start out dramatic—not at all. Jon and Chantal came together as kindred spirits,Continue reading ““Gripped” Relationships: Jon Anderson & Chantal Kagelli”

A Look at Cathy, Jon, and Chantal in Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told

Article by Jennifer O’Sullivan, Dover, Massachusetts In Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told, the characters are compelling and easy to relate to. In Stacy A. Padula’s other book series, Montgomery Lake High, Cathy Kagelli is portrayed as a toxic girl who is rude, coldhearted and manipulative. Gripped Part 1 flashes back to Cathy’sContinue reading “A Look at Cathy, Jon, and Chantal in Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told”

Q&A with Samantha Waxman on “The Battle for Innocence” by Stacy Padula

Why is this book a helpful resource for teens?

This book is a helpful resource for teens because it sheds light on different sides of the teenage lifestyle. You can be more religious and low key or you can be a “party goer” and really enjoy that scene. Either way, it is very important to be your own person and not make choices based on other people. Know yourself and your limits no matter what setting. Throughout the book, you can see some people changing for others and it gives you the most uneasy feeling. The best way to make friends or relationships is to be yourself and show your true colors.

Review of Montgomery Lake High #3 – To Be Released Spring 2014

In anticipation of its public release, The Battle for Innocence was read and reviewed by a 7th grader at Pollard Middle School in Needham, Massachusetts.   “Jon Anderson’s heart pounded heavily against his chest as he opened Chris Dunkin’s front door. He had walked through that door thousands of times before, but never during one ofContinue reading “Review of Montgomery Lake High #3 – To Be Released Spring 2014”