Isabelle Semas on The “Gripped” Characters

Who do you feel bad for and why? I pity Chantal.  Lisa and Cathy know the truth about her and Jon’s breakup, but decide to take matters into their own hands by not coming out with the truth.  This causes Chantal so much pain.  They should have been honest with her. Who frustrates you andContinue reading “Isabelle Semas on The “Gripped” Characters”

An Interview with Isabelle Semas on “The Truth We Never Told”

Who would you recommend Gripped Part 1 to and why? I would recommend Gripped Part 1 to Highschool students looking for a read with a realistic take on the temptations which face kids as early as middle school.  This book addresses subjects such as underage drinking, drug addiction, and gossip.  These things can’t be ignored,Continue reading “An Interview with Isabelle Semas on “The Truth We Never Told””

A Y.A. Book Series That Is Brutally Honest

Written by Isabelle Semas Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told by Stacy Padula fills in some of the storylines left open in the Montgomery Lake High book series.  In the beginning of this book, we learn more about  Taylor Dunkin, former football legend turned drug-dealer, who wants out of the game.  Marc Dunkin,Continue reading “A Y.A. Book Series That Is Brutally Honest”

Interview with Teen Reader & Writer Isabelle Semas on “The Forces Within”

Who should read this book? For anyone who wants a thrilling read, I would recommend “The Forces Within” to you.  Stacy Padula weaves themes of spiritual conflict throughout the plot, forming a mysterious and intriguing story.  Whether you are a teen or a parent, it is sure to keep you on the edge of yourContinue reading “Interview with Teen Reader & Writer Isabelle Semas on “The Forces Within””

Recommended Y.A. Christian Read: The Battle for Innocence

Written by Isabelle Semas “The Battle for Innocence,” by Stacy Padula, takes readers two years into the past.  The characters, though they are young, begin to be exposed to things such as sex, drugs, and alcohol.  Each must decide if they will fall into temptation or abstain from these fleeting pleasures. This book is honestContinue reading “Recommended Y.A. Christian Read: The Battle for Innocence”

Stacy Padula Selected as 1 out of 5,000 by Publisher

Tonight, I am feeling very thankful and honored to be 1 of the 4 authors selected, out of 5,000, to be featured on the home page of my publisher’s website. To be chosen as a face of the company that has helped so many authors make their dreams come true and to know that the team you work with believes in you/your mission is incredible.

The Aftermath: Chapters 2 – 4 (Reading of the Week)

Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of “The Aftermath” (2013)

An Interview with Author Stacy Padula

Q: How did you become interested in writing? A: I wrote my first book when I was in Kindergarten; it was a short story about a puppy. Then my writing just continued…I wrote books all through elementary school and continued beyond. I finished my first draft of When Darkness Tries to Hide when I wasContinue reading “An Interview with Author Stacy Padula”

Bullying Statistics

Although each book in the Montgomery Lake High wrestles with separate teen dilemmas and issues, the series as a whole revolves around substance abuse, recovery, bullying, self-acceptance, and redemption. Since bullying seems to be such a hot topic, I thought I’d share the information below: Bullying Facts: The Five Essential Facts Every Parent Should Know