An Enlightening Nightmare: The Forces Within

Written by Lindsay Rourke – Kingston, Massachusetts Have you ever awoken from a dream (nightmare seems more fitting, actually) in a cold sweat, fighting the shortness of breath, and struggling to decipher foe from reality? Imagine being stuck in that parallel world for a month straight—now that’s a nightmare. Facing nothing other than his innerContinue reading “An Enlightening Nightmare: The Forces Within”

Isabelle Semas on The “Gripped” Characters

Who do you feel bad for and why? I pity Chantal.  Lisa and Cathy know the truth about her and Jon’s breakup, but decide to take matters into their own hands by not coming out with the truth.  This causes Chantal so much pain.  They should have been honest with her. Who frustrates you andContinue reading “Isabelle Semas on The “Gripped” Characters”

An Interview with Isabelle Semas on “The Truth We Never Told”

Who would you recommend Gripped Part 1 to and why? I would recommend Gripped Part 1 to Highschool students looking for a read with a realistic take on the temptations which face kids as early as middle school.  This book addresses subjects such as underage drinking, drug addiction, and gossip.  These things can’t be ignored,Continue reading “An Interview with Isabelle Semas on “The Truth We Never Told””

A Y.A. Book Series That Is Brutally Honest

Written by Isabelle Semas Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told by Stacy Padula fills in some of the storylines left open in the Montgomery Lake High book series.  In the beginning of this book, we learn more about  Taylor Dunkin, former football legend turned drug-dealer, who wants out of the game.  Marc Dunkin,Continue reading “A Y.A. Book Series That Is Brutally Honest”

Interview with Teen Reader & Writer Isabelle Semas on “The Forces Within”

Who should read this book? For anyone who wants a thrilling read, I would recommend “The Forces Within” to you.  Stacy Padula weaves themes of spiritual conflict throughout the plot, forming a mysterious and intriguing story.  Whether you are a teen or a parent, it is sure to keep you on the edge of yourContinue reading “Interview with Teen Reader & Writer Isabelle Semas on “The Forces Within””