An Enlightening Nightmare: The Forces Within

Written by Lindsay Rourke – Kingston, Massachusetts Have you ever awoken from a dream (nightmare seems more fitting, actually) in a cold sweat, fighting the shortness of breath, and struggling to decipher foe from reality? Imagine being stuck in that parallel world for a month straight—now that’s a nightmare. Facing nothing other than his innerContinue reading “An Enlightening Nightmare: The Forces Within”

Lindsay Rourke Reviews “The Battle for Innocence” by Stacy Padula

Written by Lindsay Rourke – Kingston, Massachusetts The Battle for Innocence is something that every teeneager faces when their world becomes tainted with temptations that challenge their character, jeopardizing their innocence. Temptation is a normal part of society, and helps decipher who can muster the integrity to turn away from it. Some aren’t so lucky.Continue reading “Lindsay Rourke Reviews “The Battle for Innocence” by Stacy Padula”

Jason’s Journey from Darkness to Faith in “The Aftermath”

Written by Lindsay Rourke – Kingston, Massachusetts In The Aftermath (MLH #3) by Stacy Padula, the reader becomes well acquainted with Jason Davids, the kid who has it all: brains, beauty, and popularity. A life full of fulfillment, so one should think. Despite his blessings, Jason has constantly fought off a void he felt fromContinue reading “Jason’s Journey from Darkness to Faith in “The Aftermath””

Faith Shines Through When Darkness Tries to Hide by Lindsay Rourke

Written by Lindsay Rourke, Kingston, MA In Stacy Padula’s first book The Right Person, protagonist Chris Dunkin was in search of fulfillment and quickly realized that his void was not going to be filled with drugs, alcohol, or partying. Rather, he was in need of a spiritual uplift, which he found in his relationship and commitmentContinue reading “Faith Shines Through When Darkness Tries to Hide by Lindsay Rourke”

Q&A with Isabelle Semas on “The Aftermath”

Who do you think could benefit from reading this book and why? I believe those in Jason’s position would benefit greatly from reading  “The Aftermath” by Stacy A. Padula—those who, like Jason, are so lost they can not see how dark their life truly is,  and those who struggle with drug abuse.  This book displaysContinue reading “Q&A with Isabelle Semas on “The Aftermath””

A Heartwarming Tale of Deliverance for Teens

Written by Isabelle Semas “Your entire school thinks you’re a heartless, drug addict, cheater of a boyfriend…”  In “The Aftermath” by Stacy A. Padula, Jason Davids has hit rock bottom. His drug addiction is out of control, his girlfriend is out to ruin his reputation, and gossip links him to the local pastor’s daughter, Jessie. MyContinue reading “A Heartwarming Tale of Deliverance for Teens”

The Spiritual Battle in “The Aftermath”

Written by Elizabeth Harvey of Needham, MA Jason has been at war with himself for a long time. He has such a strong void in his life and he knows that something is missing and he hates that feeling. Jason relies on drugs and alcohol to cope with the missing piece in his life: God.Continue reading “The Spiritual Battle in “The Aftermath””