Breaking Down the Spiritual Battle in “The Forces Within”

The Forces Within, the 5th book in Stacy Padula’s Montgomery Lake High series, tells a story of how Satan can enter the lives of people who are not strong in their faith and ruin friendships with the people who matter most. I think that people who feel jealous or scared in their lives should read this book, because it reveals reasons as to why this might be happening.

The Spiritual Battle in “The Aftermath”

Written by Elizabeth Harvey of Needham, MA Jason has been at war with himself for a long time. He has such a strong void in his life and he knows that something is missing and he hates that feeling. Jason relies on drugs and alcohol to cope with the missing piece in his life: God.Continue reading “The Spiritual Battle in “The Aftermath””

Stacy Padula’s Paranormal Thriller: The Forces Within

The Forces Within Behind the fog and shadowy trees that surround Fallen Lake, there lies an abandoned mansion that possesses generations of secrets. When Andy Rosetti, his girlfriend Chantal, and their closest friends venture to the New England destination, they are greeted by forces darker than anyone dared to imagine. It is not just byContinue reading “Stacy Padula’s Paranormal Thriller: The Forces Within”

A Review of “The Forces Within” by Stacy Padula

A Prisoner’s Review: When Darkness Tries to Hide

An inmate in an Atlanta prison read Montgomery Lake High #2: When Darkness Tries to Hide. Although this book falls in the young adult genre, the man had this to say: