A Heartwarming Tale of Deliverance for Teens

Written by Isabelle Semas

Isabelle Semas is about to start her senior year of high school, and she has been homeschooled most of her life.  She looks forward to graduating next year and hopes to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education.  In her spare time, she sings in a christian band named NHB with her friends, is very involved in her church’s children’s ministry, and enjoys art.  She hopes to someday publish a book of her own.

Your entire school thinks you’re a heartless, drug addict, cheater of a boyfriend…”  In “The Aftermath” by Stacy A. Padula, Jason Davids has hit rock bottom. His drug addiction is out of control, his girlfriend is out to ruin his reputation, and gossip links him to the local pastor’s daughter, Jessie.

My favorite part of “The Aftermath” is watching Jason’s character develop throughout the novel.  He has depth, and we see an entirely new side of him not seen in books one and two.  Jason has tried everything the world offers for happiness, yet none of it fulfills him. “The Aftermath” follows Jason’s story in a touching plot of failure and salvation. If you are looking for a heartwarming, yet realistic tale of deliverance, I would recommend “The Aftermath” to you.

At age fifteen, Jason appears to have it all: high grades, popular friends, a beautiful girlfriend, and nearly any worldly thing that promises enjoyment at his disposal. Despite this, there is a persistent emptiness inside his heart. After failing to fill the void with achievements, relationships, and illicit substances, Jason finds himself intrigued by Jessie: a rather quiet girl, who is the daughter of a local pastor. Jason cannot understand his sudden interest in her. How is it possible that she stands for everything his lifestyle opposes yet possesses the one thing he has been searching for all along?

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