New Y.A. Book Shows Effects of Modern High School Peer Pressure

By Joanna Dakoyannis, Providence College Gripped 4: Smoke and Mirrors by Stacy Padula is the fascinating continuation of the story centered around a group of teens from Montgomery Lake High School.  They are influenced by older siblings and peers who are involved in drug and alcohol use. Taylor, the older sibling of Marc and JordanContinue reading “New Y.A. Book Shows Effects of Modern High School Peer Pressure”

Bullying Statistics

Although each book in the Montgomery Lake High wrestles with separate teen dilemmas and issues, the series as a whole revolves around substance abuse, recovery, bullying, self-acceptance, and redemption. Since bullying seems to be such a hot topic, I thought I’d share the information below: Bullying Facts: The Five Essential Facts Every Parent Should Know