American Satires

The Judge
Upon the piano bench sat a well-dressed judge,

Who ironically was incapable of holding a grudge.

He dealt with the rich, and he dealt with the poor,

He could not decide whom he pitied more.

In murder cases, robberies, and DUIs,

This judge is very keen on detecting lies.

Persecuting the guilty is the basis of his job,

But never does he punish those in the Mob.

He used their bribe money to buy his car,

Overall he’s accepted millions by far.

This judge earns much more than his salary pays,

In a society as corrupt as the USA’s.

The All-American-Boy 
Mesmerized by the lobby’s ignited fireplace,

A blue-eyed teenage boy made a most interesting case.

An All-American-Boy many would say,

Topped his class with a 4.3 GPA.

Despite the warm air radiated by the fire,

The athletic scholar found a necessary desire,

To wear his lettermen’s jacket before the crowd,

For all his accomplishments he is quite proud.

He is captain of his Prep school’s hockey team,

Starting for Cornell is his attainable dream.

Voted Best Looking and Most Likely to Succeed,

He is most admired by his peers indeed!

For three years he has ruled as class President,

And to the Homecoming Queen his heart has been lent.

As a leader of S.A.D.D. he preaches against crack,

Yet he wonders if ecstasy has messed up his back?

Routine to most weekends his pupils were large,

Once again the drug had taken charge.

This boy loves to party, he will never deny,

But come school on Monday only his grades will be high.

The Italian 
A dark featured coffee-shop-owner sat beside his wife,

Despite his profession he lived a most comfortable life.

As an Italian from Boston raised in the North End,

Only one day a week in his shop he does spend.

He takes an active part in his children’s lives,

And educates his sons all about guns and knives.

His wife and daughters manage the coffee shop,

Except for his eldest who eloped with a cop!

School Committee and Parish Council meetings he often attends,

People generally wonder how he earns all the money he spends.

He owns a mansion in Bell Air, and a Penthouse in Rome,

Yet he regards the North End as his true home.


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