True Ingredients of a Role Model

A role model for life is someone with good character. People with good character not only have respect for others, but also hold to their integrity. People with good character are down to earth, pragmatic, self-sacrificing, and well rounded. These type of people abound with life and know how to utilize their abilities in order to succeed. Someone with good character acknowledges the needs of others as well as their own necessities. For example, my mother devoted five years of her life to running the youth group at our church. She is a woman of very good character, and I am not just being bias. She was charitable for devoting her personal time to the Christian community. My mother is courteous, kind-hearted, others-centered, down to earth, entertaining, and filled with integrity. She recognized that our church was in need of a youth organization. With faith that knew God would equip her for the job, my mother formed our church’s Senior and Junior High youth groups. At one point there were over two hundred members in the youth groups. When someone has good character, people enjoy their presence and the rewards their character reaps. A role model for life is someone with good character. I am utterly grateful for the role model God gave me – my mother, Debra.

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