Weighing a College Applicant: What SHOULD Matter Most

In reference to the college admission process, I believe that emphasis should be placed upon high school academics and how well rounded the applicant is. The high school academics that relate to the applicant’s intended field of study should be weighed the heaviest. One could be utterly talented in the area of his or her career goal, yet completely unskilled in subjects irrelevant to his or her intended major. For example, a student may have earned an A average in Science all throughout high school, while maintaining only a B- in History. If the applicant chooses to pursue a career in the field of science, his History grades should not hold him back from college acceptance. Just because the applicant may not be able to rattle off the name of every battle fought during the French and Indian War, does not mean that he would not be as scientifically successful as someone who knows the name, date, and location of each battle would. In addition to academics, the applicant’s extracurricular involvement should also be weighed heavily in the admissions process. In order to succeed in life, it is important to have a variety of skills. One who has participated in community service activities, athletics, or student government would most likely be better equipped to deal with clientele than one who spent his or her entire high school career studying. It is important to have experience in different areas of life because, just as with academics, one must engage in order to succeed.

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