If I Were An Object…

I was once asked by MIT’s Admissions Office to relate myself to three inanimate objects. This article is the result of their strange, yet oddly challenging, question.

A scrapbook is one object that relates closely to myself. A scrapbook holds memorabilia, articles, pictures, journal entries, and anything else that may have significant emotional value. I am a scrapbook, valuing memories and abounding with emotions. However, I am a scrapbook with a few empty pages. Many aspects of the world I am yet to learn about, and there are many emotions I have not yet felt. I can not predict my future, nor can I choose my fate, but I will always keep an open mind, an open heart, and an open scrapbook entry.

In addition to being a scrapbook, I am also a pencil. I sometimes feel as though I am God’s pencil. As he blesses me with his creativity, I become his tool of expression. I express creativity through writing stories and designing homes. God is the hand that guides the pencil, as it is God who guides me. The lead of a pencil goes into every word that I write and every line that I draw, as does my heart. Yes, I am a pencil, and definitely one with a strong grip.

An unfinished puzzle could give insight into the person who I am. However, I am not an ordinary jigsaw puzzle, I am of three dimensions. One of my sides is shaped by friendship, another is formed of achievements, the third side is made-up of tribulations, and my base is held together by my family. Some of my pieces have already been attached, so there is a faint clue as to how I may turn out. However, looking at the oddly shaped puzzle pieces scattered about, one may wonder how they could possibly fit together. Although, it is certain that when all the pieces are put into place, a beautiful structure will be formed. That is who I am, a beautiful structure trying to put the pieces of her life together. God has provided me with all of the puzzle pieces, now it is up to me to put them together and make the most of my life.

An Expression of Stacy Padula, 2001


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