“Gripped” Relationships: Missy Kent & Luke Davids

We continue our character relationship series with Missy Kent and Luke Davids. Luke becomes acquainted with Missy by hanging out with his older brother Matt’s grade in high school. Missy’s childlike enthusiasm for life and outgoing nature make her someone a lot of guys find attractive, and her free-spirited approach makes her quite hard to … Continue reading “Gripped” Relationships: Missy Kent & Luke Davids

“Gripped” Relationships: Missy Kent & Laurelle Mahoney

Our character relationship series continues with Missy Kent and Laurelle Mahoney, who are notorious best friends in the Gripped books. The books describe them as, “Wherever Missy and Laurelle went, their contagious laughter, bright smiles, and childlike pep captivated everyone’s attention.” Missy believes it’s her job to liven up every social gathering, and Laurelle eggs … Continue reading “Gripped” Relationships: Missy Kent & Laurelle Mahoney