“Gripped” Relationships: Lisa Ankerman & Cathy Kagelli

Our character relationship series continues today with best friends Lisa Ankerman and Cathy Kagelli, who have stayed tried and true by each other’s side throughout the Gripped and the Montgomery Lake High book series. Lisa is fiercely loyal to the people she loves and Cathy is no exception. During Cathy’s lowest points in her tumultuous … Continue reading “Gripped” Relationships: Lisa Ankerman & Cathy Kagelli

“Gripped” Relationships: Chris Dunkin & Lisa Ankerman

Today, we continue our character relationship series with Chris Dunkin and Lisa Ankerman. There is certainly some unfinished business between these two. They dated for over a year but broke up for reasons better explained in Gripped 2. Lisa is perhaps the person Chris has loved most in life—if not his best friend Jason @jds_on … Continue reading “Gripped” Relationships: Chris Dunkin & Lisa Ankerman