“Gripped” Relationships: Chris Dunkin & Lisa Ankerman

Today, we continue our character relationship series with Chris Dunkin and Lisa Ankerman. There is certainly some unfinished business between these two. They dated for over a year but broke up for reasons better explained in Gripped 2.

Lisa is perhaps the person Chris has loved most in life—if not his best friend Jason @jds_on or closest family member, Jordan. Despite growing up with little emotional support from his parents, Chris has the biggest heart out of all the MLH/Gripped characters. He is “everyone’s” best friend for reasons beyond his fun-loving nature. His non-judgmental and humble attitude causes him to happily put the needs of others before his own, and Lisa is no exception to this. Being self aware enough to realize he had deep-rooted pain from his childhood to work through before he could trust himself not to self-destruct, he genuinely wanted to protect Lisa from his instabilities. Chris has grown tremendously throughout high school (as seen in the MLH Book Series) and his love for Lisa has been a motivating factor. Although he has dated a couple of girls since Lisa, she has remained the closest to his heart.

Lisa put forth great effort to move on from Chris. Instead of dating around, she committed herself solely to Jeff, and tried in every which way to open her heart to him. She is often considered the coldest of the Gripped/MLH characters because of her sassy personality, but she is fiercely loyal to the few people she lets into her heart (INTJ 101). In fact, she can’t quite figure out how to get Chris out of there, but she gives it her best shot. Sometimes feelings are there for a reason that will only make sense later on. “If you love something set it free—”

Chris and Lisa have watched each other from afar since Gripped 2, but you know what they say about distance making the heart grow fonder.

We’re not saying Lisa and Chris are meant to break up with Jeff and Marielle to get back together, but we’re not saying they’re not.

“—if it comes back to you, it’s meant to be.”