Sophia Karnolt Reviews “The Aftermath” by Stacy Padula

Sophia Karnolt

By Sophia Karnolt, Kingston, MA & Thayer Academy

In “The Aftermath” by Stacy A. Padula, the story continues to focus on Jason Davids and the fight he has with substances and alcohol but it also highlights a new struggle in his life, which is the feeling that he has to live up to his older brothers’ expectations. After taking a break from his girlfriend, a new girl comes into his life unexpectedly and makes a change. 

Jason’s brothers both have very big reputations and are well known at Montgomery Lake High, after a night out with his older brother goes wrong, Jason realizes he needs to straighten out. Multiple things happen to him that are “coincidental” or so he thinks. After running into the pastor’s daughter, he instantly connects with her and becomes intrigued. His friends notice his issues and start to pray for him to wake up and change his ways.

God takes a role in guiding him out of his current lifestyle and gives him clarity so that he can live a better life away from substances. This book shows a big role that God can play in someone’s life and this book highlights that those who are struggling are not alone and that they should reach out to get help from friends or family.

About Sophia

Sophia Karnolt is a senior at Thayer Academy. She loves traveling and spending time with friends and family. Last year, she went to the Galápagos Islands to help teach English to kids and clear out endangered species from planting fields. In school, her favorite subjects include English and science. She also runs for her school’s track and field team, and she loves the beach.

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