Kyle Banker on the 5th & Final Installment of the MLH Book Series

Written by Kyle Banker, University of Miami I think that all teenagers should read “The Forces Within” as they will learn a great amount about the final development of characters in the MLH series and how it could correlate to their own lives. All of the key messages that were mentioned throughout the series are … Continue reading Kyle Banker on the 5th & Final Installment of the MLH Book Series

Order a Book, Help Save a Dog’s Life!

We will be donating 50% of July’s proceeds from Gripped Part 2: Blindsided to a Boston-based rescue that saves dogs from high-kill shelters throughout the Unites States. The cause is near and dear to our hearts because Baxter is a rescue, after all! To date, Last Hope K9 Rescue has saved the lives of over 7,600 dogs!

Kyle Banker Reviews “The Right Person” by Stacy A. Padula – A Young Adult Novel

High school consists of the four most transformative years of your life, both academically and socially. The introductions of parties, substances, peer pressure, and popularity can completely change one’s personality and mindset. In “The Right Person,” Stacy Padula tells the story of a group of freshmen at Montgomery Lake High as they encounter and face countless social scenarios that change their lifestyles for the long run.

What Should Readers Expect from Gripped Part 2 (To Be Released Later This Year)

It is very important for students of these ages to read Gripped Part 2 because it shows the honest truth of the massive drug problem that has risen from this generation. While it may seem from a parent perspective that topics in the novel may be over-exaggerated, that is certainly not the case. In fact, there are many more details in relation to withdrawal and overdose that have yet to be mentioned all because this topic is so thorough and relevant. Overall, while drugs may not be one of the first things you want to teach your child before going to middle/high school, it should be a definite priority considering the significant increase of substance abuse in the 21st century, and Gripped Part 2 effectively puts the problem into perspective.

Needham’s Kyle Banker on the “Gripped” Book Series’ Characters

The Gripped Book Series has an array of main characters, who range in age from twelve to twenty-three. Although they have vastly different struggles, values, and personalities, their lives are indisputably entwined. Kyle Banker, a Communications Intern for the Gripped book series, read "Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told" and shared his insight on the characters. His responses are below: