Victorian Architecture: a modern symbol

Victorian Architecture Summary: Victorian architectural styles are used in modern residential construction of today. The irresistible charm of the Victorian house has made the Victorian era a historical symbol of elegance and class. ——————————————————————- Roses and ruffles! Ribbons and cherry! Mahogany and marble! Does any particular word come to mind? For anyone with architectural knowledge,Continue reading “Victorian Architecture: a modern symbol”

The Museum Liner Appenzell: Architecture and Design

The Museum Liner Appenzell is an intriguing form of linear architecture with its triangular roof pitches, large windows, and staggered heights. Set in a panoramic Swiss village, it’s construction was completed in 1998. The monographic museum, designed by architects Michael Guyer and Annette Gigon, is dedicated to the work of Appenzell artist Carl August LinerContinue reading “The Museum Liner Appenzell: Architecture and Design”

Project Delivery: Architecture, Design, & Construction

The Interior Design Industry is growing as we speak. Today it is becoming the social norm for companies, committees, and individuals to hire a design team to professionally handle their construction-based needs. Many people are uneducated on the topic of Interior Design, and need to learn that picking out colors, fabrics, and finishes makes upContinue reading “Project Delivery: Architecture, Design, & Construction”

Suspension of Disbelief in Interior Design

When my mother came to me one day and said, “Stace, we are going to see the Nutcracker at the Wang Center,” an immediate rush of excitement shot through me. There is some sort of feeling that theater evokes. Theater, by definition, is a building, room, or outdoor structure for the presentation of plays, films, or otherContinue reading “Suspension of Disbelief in Interior Design”

Architectural Analysis of The New York Public Library

The idea of building a large reading room on New York City’s bustling 5th Avenue did not seem like a good idea to many people in late 19th century. Actually many people thought it was a crazy idea, with all the horse carriage traffic, and the street noise, it seemed unfathomable that anyone could concentrate on readingContinue reading “Architectural Analysis of The New York Public Library”

Design for the Small Restaurant Entrepreneur: Behavioral Aspects In Design

A recent study conducted found that the average American eats one hundred ninety-eight meals out a year.[i] Americans spend on average $855 million per day on dinning out. [ii] So what is it that makes eating out such a large part of our daily lives? Besides the convenience of not having to cook, the luxuryContinue reading “Design for the Small Restaurant Entrepreneur: Behavioral Aspects In Design”

Harvard University Architecture: Memorial Hall

When walking through Boston’s renowned Harvard Yard, one may scope out the mixture of architecture throughout its landscape. From the traditional Memorial Hall influenced by Romanesque churches, to the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard Yard is like a salad bowl of architecture. Perhaps because I am a lover of Victorian style structures, orContinue reading “Harvard University Architecture: Memorial Hall”

Napoli’s Hot Spot: Bunker

In Napoli, Italy an ultra-hot-spot exists by the name of Bunker. Bunker, as the name implies, is a below-ground space and part of the underground nightclub-scene. Bunker, designed by the architects and designers of Gnosis Architettura in 1994, it is the fifth club to exist in its space. The architects were challenged to design aContinue reading “Napoli’s Hot Spot: Bunker”