Thomas Jefferson: The American Architect

Thomas Jefferson is acknowledged as the first significant American Architect. He used Classical architecture to symbolize ideas and aspiration of a new democracy. Robert Venturi is believed to be the architect who opened the door to post-modernism. He believed that less is not more, less is a bore. Jefferson believed in cubic architecture with basicContinue reading “Thomas Jefferson: The American Architect”

American Architect Robert Venturi

Although American architect Robert Venturi does not consider himself a post-modernist, he is acknowledged as the architect who opened the door to post modernism. Venturi believed that less is not more, less is a bore. His theories contradict with those of Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed organic simplicity is the only simplicity. Wright believed thatContinue reading “American Architect Robert Venturi”

The Elms Mansion of Newport

When one hears the phrase “the Elms” it is doubtful that they will immediately tag it to the title of one of the most prestigiously fascinating Newport mansions. The Elms is designed to model after an 18thcentury French Chateau. The luxurious halls of this mansion are over abounding with architectural and historical fascinations. In 1901Continue reading “The Elms Mansion of Newport”

Architectural Analysis of The New York Public Library

The idea of building a large reading room on New York City’s bustling 5th Avenue did not seem like a good idea to many people in late 19th century. Actually many people thought it was a crazy idea, with all the horse carriage traffic, and the street noise, it seemed unfathomable that anyone could concentrate on readingContinue reading “Architectural Analysis of The New York Public Library”