Art Nouveau Architecture

Born on March 10, 1967 in Lyon, France, Hector Guimard grew to be one of the most significant figures in French architecture and interior design. During the seventy-seven years of his life Guimard accomplished many great things. Beginning in 1882 he studied for three years at Ecole Des Arts Decoratifs. From 1885 until 1889 GuimardContinue reading “Art Nouveau Architecture”

The Elms Mansion of Newport

When one hears the phrase “the Elms” it is doubtful that they will immediately tag it to the title of one of the most prestigiously fascinating Newport mansions. The Elms is designed to model after an 18thcentury French Chateau. The luxurious halls of this mansion are over abounding with architectural and historical fascinations. In 1901Continue reading “The Elms Mansion of Newport”