College Freshman Recommends Young Adult Book to Parents of Teenagers

Joanna Dakoyannis

By Joanna Dakoyannis, Providence College

I recommend Gripped 4: Smoke & Mirrors by Stacy Padula to any teen or even parents of teens. Teens who read this book will be able to relate to familiar social situations that they are faced with in high school and college. Similarly, parents who read the Gripped book series will become aware of the pressures that their teens face on a daily basis. Gripped Part 4: Smoke & Mirrors exemplifies that even the most responsible teens can fall prey to drugs and alcohol under certain circumstances.

The topics covered in this book are topics that teens will genuinely face in high school and college. Gripped Part 4 is a glimpse into how dangerous these substances can be to an individual. Through Taylor alone, we can see how a lifetime of hard work can slip away because of addiction.

This book can provide valuable information for parents in terms of relating to the social pressures teenagers are dealing with. After reading this book, parents can also learn to look for signs that their own teen might be exhibiting if they are involved with drugs or alcohol. In any case, it is important for parents to know the environment that teens are facing in today’s high school and college settings.

About Joanna

Joanna Dakoyannis graduated in 2020 from Dover-Sherborn High School in Dover, Massachusetts. She enjoys creative writing, traveling, going to the gym, running track for her high school team and loves cheering on the team at school sporting events. She currently a freshman at Providence College and hopes to eventually attend dental school.

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