Joanna Dakoyannis Discusses the Gripped Book Series Characters

After reading Gripped Parts 1, 2, and 3 by Stacy A. Padula, Joanna Dakoyannis, a senior at Dover-Sherborn High School, shared her opinion on some of the series’ main characters. Cathy & Jason Cathy and Jason’s evolving and destructive relationship was very compelling. It was interesting to see how they used drugs and alcohol to … Continue reading Joanna Dakoyannis Discusses the Gripped Book Series Characters

July’s Q&A with Joanna Dakoyannis on The Aftermath by Stacy Padula

Who could benefit from reading this book and why? This book is mainly directed toward teens and the challenges that they encounter in high school, socially and spiritually, but it could certainly be beneficial to any young adult. While teens face these issues in high school, young adults might face the same difficulties as they … Continue reading July’s Q&A with Joanna Dakoyannis on The Aftermath by Stacy Padula

Joanna Dakoyannis Reviews “When Darkness Tries to Hide” by Stacy Padula

The second book in the MLH series, When Darkness Tries to Hide, is a riveting story that continues to follow a group of high school teens through their lives. When a tragedy strikes their group of friends, it causes many of them to take a step back and re-evaluate their recent actions and behaviors. The story demonstrates how impactful our actions, both good and bad can be on others around us.

May’s Q&A with Joanna Dakoyannis of Dover Sherborn High School

Although this book would be most relevant to teenagers and the struggles they might face in high school, I would recommend this book to anyone who feels that they are struggling with something. Teens and adults alike who are trying to find themselves or answers to their place in life would benefit from reading When Darkness Tries to Hide because it would help them look at their situation from a faith based perspective. This book shows that regardless of how terrible you think your actions or situation may be, there is always hope and the ability to change.

Q&A with Joanna Dakoyannis on “The Right Person” by Stacy Padula

Preteens and teens would benefit from reading this book in many ways. One way they would benefit from reading it is that it would give them an insight into what high school is like, in a very real setting. The setting of the book could be any high school in the area in which I live. It might also help them if they are going through a similar situation as one of the characters in the book, and could help them feel as if they are not alone in dealing with their similar social issue.

An Exceptional Book I Recommend to Teens & Preteens

Joanna Dakoyannis is a junior at Dover-Sherborn High School. She enjoys creative writing, traveling, going to the gym, running track for her high school team, and cheering on her team at school sporting events. She plans to be a science major in college and hopes to eventually attend dental school. Joanna read Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person by Stacy A. Padula and wrote the article below, sharing her honest thoughts and recommendations.

Teens and Parents Will Benefit from Reading This New Y.A. Novel

Written by Joanna Dakoyannis, Dover, MA While the subjects covered in Gripped Part 3: The Fallout by Stacy A. Padula are extremely sensitive and include drug use, alcohol, and sex, it is important for teens to read this book to educate themselves. The book provides teens with an interesting narrative while showing them the dangers … Continue reading Teens and Parents Will Benefit from Reading This New Y.A. Novel