Michael Farinacci Gives “Gripped 4: Smoke & Mirrors” a 10 out of 10

Michael Farinacci

By Michael Farinacci, Medfield, Massachusetts, University of Notre Dame

The Gripped book series by Stacy Padula offers great insight for parents and teens into the complex years of high school and college. In the Gripped series many of the characters do “not fit the description of a drug addict at all – except for the doing-drugs-every-day part” which tragically makes the characters more realistic – as many drug addicts don’t fit the stereotypes for drug addiction. Gripped Part 4 is no exception. Part 4 concentrates on the toll drug abuse has on the relationships in one’s life. Many relationships are ruined and strained due to drug addiction in the book, while others are forged by people trying to escape the dangerous grip of drugs.

This book is perfect for teens and their parents as it offers unique perspectives on complex issues that teens face today. Teens and parents can learn from this book as it offers insight into the difficulties one may find navigating through high school or parenting a teen through high school. Overall, Gripped 4 was a fascinating read that leaves so much to be answered in Gripped 5. I would give this book a 10/10 and would encourage all teens and their parents to pick up this book along with the entire Gripped series.

About Michael

A Medfield, Massachusetts native, Michael Farinacci graduated in 2020 from St. Sebastian’s School in Needham, Massachusetts. He was a part of his high school’s newspaper, The Walrus, and multiple athletic teams. He was also an editor for the St. Sebastian’s Journal. In addition to writing, he has a passion for mathematics, which he is currently pursing as a freshman at the University of Notre Dame.

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