Jordan Dunkin, the Black Sheep of “Gripped” or Not?

Article by Michael Farinacci—Medfield, Massachusetts

Michael Farinacci

Since Gripped Part 2: Blindsided, Jordan Dunkin has been, by far, the most intriguing character in my opinion. At the University of Notre Dame, he has a high GPA, has joined the Catholic club, and is starting at wide receiver on one of the best football teams in the nation, yet he is still outshined by his brother Taylor. People seem to write off Jordan as a party boy and Taylor as the wonder child; however, at this point in the book, Jordan seems like a much better role model than Taylor. Furthermore, Marc is accusing Jordan of date-rapping a girl, which Jordan denies. This will create a very interesting story line later in the series.

Jordan seems to be misunderstood by every character so far in the book. Jordan is by no means perfect; however the image of a crazy, idiotic party boy does not seem to fit. Marc hates Jordan because Marc believes that Jordan date-rapped a girl named Michelle at a party, which, based off of Michelle and Jordan’s accounts, seems to be far from the truth. Jordan seems to be a pretty good role model and person, as he’s maintaining a high GPA at Notre Dame, playing on their nationally ranked football team, and participating in a Catholic organization on campus. Ironically, he seems to be doing very well for himself, despite the rumors in Montgomery about him.

A storyline that kept me intrigued in Gripped Part 3: The Fallout is the impending meeting between the three brothers: Taylor, Jordan, and Marc Dunkin. There seems to be so many misunderstandings between them, which is going to make this meeting a watershed moment in the series.

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