New Teen Book Educates Kids about Prescription Drug Abuse, but Is It Controversial?

Article by Michael Farinacci of St. Sebastian’s School

Michael Farinacci

Although many parents may be scared of their kids learning of drugs such as marijuana, alcohol, acid, Adderall, and Xanax, Gripped 3: The Fallout does a great job of deterring kids from experimenting with such drugs as, instead of the traditional statistics that are used as a scare tactic, real, tangible, and painful stories are used as deterrents from these drugs. The tangible and relatable aspect of these stories not only deter the intended audience away from these dangerous drugs, but also allow the reader to connect with the story, and potentially learn some beneficial lessons. Within many of the drug issues, there is much to be learned about redemption, choosing the right friends, and how to help a friend or a sibling during a tough time, which is why parents should not prevent their children from reading this novel. 

The entire Gripped series is about teens, and is clearly geared towards teens, however that doesn’t mean it should be ignored by adults. Firstly, it could give parents a greater understanding of the current challenges facing today’s teens. Secondly, and more importantly, many of the lessons surrounding how to sober up, how to help a friend, and how to surround yourself with positive influences is a lesson that nobody could be too old to hear. Once out of high school, drug abuse and addiction does not magically stop, therefore it is still important for adults to read this book for the lessons it teaches.

Gripped Part 3 is able to portray peer pressure in a unique manner. Every time drugs are introduced to somebody, they are convinced by their peers that the drugs will either help them have more fun or relax, or that they aren’t so bad as they point to examples of countless people who have taken drugs with seemingly no side effects. This book urges the reader to see past this peer pressure and acknowledge the dangerous and tragic side effects of these drugs. 

Chris Dunkin is one of the most intriguing characters in the story and can offer hope to many readers. Earlier on in the series, Chris had experimented with many drugs, and seemed to be going down a path of self destruction. Insteading of staying content, with a little motivation from not wanting to hurt Lisa, Chris changed his friend group, took a break from his best friend, and stopped surrounding himself with temptations. Chris was able to step back, take a look at his life, and step away from temptation no matter how hard it was. His transition, although just starting, proves that anybody, with a little motivation, can change their life track for the better.

Gripped Part 3: The Fallout was just released on November 5th 2019

It became the #1 New Release on Amazon in 3 Genres

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