Q&A Part 2 with Caitlin Shields on Young Adult Novel “When Darkness Tries to Hide”

Written by Caitlin Shields, Communications Intern

About the Author: Caitlin Shields is a freshman at Fordham University where she studies Communications. Her favorite hobbies include reading about psychology, photography, fitness, community service, and traveling. Caitlin has been heavily involved with volunteering and raising funds for The Boys & Girls Club of Brockton since age fourteen. She has a passion for connecting with people and hopes to have a career focused on helping others. After Reading Montgomery Lake High #2: When Darkness Tries to Hide—a young adult book by Stacy Padula—Caitlin was asked to answer questions about the theme, characters, and plot.

Who should read this book?

People of all ages should read this book, especially those in high school or about to enter into highschool. The book touches on many important topics including how religion can bring people together, the importance of community, and the stresses of being a teenager.

What did you like best about the story?

My favorite part of the story was how all of the members of the community came together to pray for Andy, even those who were not fond of him or did not regularly attend church. This part of the book showed the power of people coming together in a difficult time and how big of a role the Church can play in that.

How has your opinion of Jason changed since reading the first MLH book?

My opinion of Jason has completely changed since reading the first book in the Montgomery Lake High Series. At the beginning, I perceived Jason as a selfish person who wanted to negatively impact others and was one of the evil forces of his friend group. As the book continues, I learned that, similar to his old friend Chris, he felt completely lost and hopeless and hated his self destructive behavior but did not know how to stop. As the book continued to show more of his life, I gained a lot of sympathy for the difficulties of his addictions and his lack of joy in his current relationships.

Who do you think could benefit from reading this book and why?

Many people could benefit from reading this book because it is very relatable, everyone knows someone who is struggling and this book could help shine light on how good people get turned down a dark path, and how they could try to help them out of it. This book could especially benefit teens about how powerful addiction can be and how one decision can lead to another.

What message does this book send to readers?

This book sends messages on how important it is to stand by someone who is struggling, how religion can help change people tremendously, and the impact community can have.


Montgomery Lake High #2: When Darkness Tries To Hide

A powerful supercell is spawning above Montgomery Lake High School, while a separate storm is brewing in its halls. The question is–which one should Cathy Kagelli, Jason Davids, and their friends fear the most?