Y.A. Novel Shows Drugs Have No Boundaries: Good Kids Are Vulnerable Too

Written by Bradford Campbell, Duxbury, MA There is a famous saying, “School should not get in the way of your education.” This is one of the times where this quote comes into play. Even though there is frequent drug use, there are many lessons that can be learned from Gripped Part 2, so it shouldContinue reading “Y.A. Novel Shows Drugs Have No Boundaries: Good Kids Are Vulnerable Too”

Q&A with Sophia Tufankjian on “The Aftermath” by Stacy Padula

Sophia Tufankjian of Duxbury, Massachusetts read “The Aftermath” by Stacy A. Padula. Below is a series of questions and answers about the book, which is the third installment in Padula’s Montgomery Lake High book series: a teen series that covers social issues faced in high school and middle school.

MLH #2 is a Page Turner for Teens

The book When Darkness Tries to Hide, by Stacy Padula is a page turner that allows for readers to learn from the characters in the story. It shows how there are many layers to people, and not everyone is how they seem. Specifically, Jason is a main character who struggles with drug and alcohol abuse,Continue reading “MLH #2 is a Page Turner for Teens”

Q&A with Sophia Tufankjian on Teen Novel “When Darkness Tries to Hide”

When Darkness Tries to Hide is a young adult novel by Stacy Padula. It is book #2 in the Montgomery Lake High book series. After reading the book, teen intern Sophia Tufankjian was asked a series of questions. If you have read the series and would like to gain deeper insight into the story readContinue reading “Q&A with Sophia Tufankjian on Teen Novel “When Darkness Tries to Hide””

A Young Adult Fiction Review by Sophia Tufankjian

This book informs you of the difficulties faced throughout high school and provides many life lessons. This story is relatable to any high school and something many students can connect with. It is a quick and easy read that will have you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this to any high school students or soon to be high school students. There are many things you can take away from this book that could even help guide you in your own life.