Here’s Why Parents of Teens Need to Read The Gripped Book Series

By Mackenzie Wells, Athens, GA

Gripped 3: The Fallout” by Stacy Padula touches upon the use of Adderall, acid, marijuana, alcohol, and Xanax. For that reason, parents may not want their children to read the novel. However, the author feels there is much to be learned. 

Even more than the past two books, “Gripped Part 3 demonstrates how drugs and alcohol can destroy friendships and relationships. The book teaches tweens and teens how easy it is for drug use to go from a choice to something completely beyond their control. Seeing the danger of being on drugs—as well as a glimpse into the difficulty of quitting drugs once addicted—should convince young adults that even trying drugs once is dangerous and destructive. 

A large part of “Gripped Part 3 revolves around a group of students about to make their entrance into high school. Adults, especially parents, would benefit from reading this book to get an idea of the type of pressures faced by students at such a young age. While every generation has their vices and their difficulties, American culture and American teenagers change each year. Adults reading this book can experience the situations faced by teenagers today.

About Mackenzie

Mackenzie graduated in 2020 from the University of Georgia, majoring in English and public relations. She is a leader at the Wesley Foundation at UGA, the community outreach coordinator for UGA’s Undergraduate English Association, and a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Mackenzie has always had a passionate love for books and their ability to open doors to new worlds. She is excited to assist Stacy Padula in making a change in the young adult community.

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