Jenna Finnerty Reviews “Gripped 4: Smoke & Mirrors”

By Jenna Finnerty, Norwell, Massachusetts & University of New Hampshire

Stacy Padula & Jenna Finnerty

The book Gripped Part 4 by Stacy Padula is a great book to teach teens and parents what it would be like to get into drugs and how it can affect your life. The book goes into detail about how drugs have ruined many of the characters’ lives. Gripped Part 4 shows different situations for each character, as it has affected each of them differently. This is great to teach teens to avoid drugs, and gives parents insight as to what their own teenagers may be dealing with. 

Gripped Part 4 keeps you on your toes and wanting more! There are tons of cliffhangers throughout the book that will make you want to keep turning the page. The book deals with multiple storylines that all tie together in order to keep up the suspense.

About Jenna

Jenna Finnerty graduated in 2019 from Norwell High School in Norwell, Massachusetts. She is majoring in science at the University of New Hampshire. Jenna has accrued years of experience as a cheerleader and gymnast. She also has a passion for traveling and looks forward to studying abroad in college.

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