Hope Found in Darkness: A Young Adult Book Review by Jenna Finnerty


When Darkness Tries to Hide, by Stacy Padula, follows the same group of friends from Montgomery Lake High, The Right Person. The group of friend has begun to split up, with some of them realizing partying and getting into drugs is not the best idea. Some of them have turned to God, and are letting Him guide them to recovery. The friends constantly need to hope for the best in all of their situations. Their hope is always found in God. They all work to accept God’s abilities in healing, both from addictions and injuries. The teens are faced with struggles throughout “When Darkness Tries to Hide” and constantly look to God for His guidance.

The story is very relatable to teens dealing with drug and alcohol problems, as well as problems with trying to fit in. Many of the freshman from Montgomery Lake High strive to be popular, and will do anything, even if it is against their morals, to fit in. When the teens realize what they have been doing, they all turn to God in hopes that He can help them get back in their ways.

About Jenna Finnerty: Jenna Finnerty is a senior at Norwell High School in Norwell, Massachusetts. She is planning to major in nursing next year. Jenna has accrued years of experience as a cheerleader and gymnast. She also has a passion for traveling and looks forward to studying abroad in college.

 Montgomery Lake High #2: When Darkness Tries To Hide
A powerful supercell is spawning above Montgomery Lake High School, while a separate storm is brewing in its halls. The question is–which one should Cathy Kagelli, Jason Davids, and their friends fear the most?