Sophia Karnolt Reviews “The Battle for Innocence” by Stacy Padula

Sophia Karnolt

Written By Sophia Karnolt, Kingston, MA

I recommend “The Battle for Innocence” by Stacy Padula to anyone who is about to enter high school because it highlights the importance of keeping your morals and staying true to what you believe. Peer Pressure is a big encounter that many people entering high school experience and this book gives good examples of showing what peer pressure is in groups of kids. 

This book is a helpful resource for teens because it doesn’t normalize things like drinking and drugs. It shows that it is normal to stay true to what you believe and not follow what other people are doing. It also highlights the importance of having healthy friendships and knowing the difference from right and wrong. 

My favorite character in this story was Chantal because she had a very close relationship with God which was very admirable. She left her comfort zone and didn’t hang out with her usual youth group from church and instead she gave Andy a chance. She always stayed true to her morals and never lied. She is a great role model for teens.

What surprised me the most about the main characters in 7th grade was that they were already introduced to alcohol and consumed it at parties at such a young age. To me, 7th grade is very young to be experiencing substances.

It is important for readers to know the backstory because it demonstrates how not everything is easy and people can change. The story of Andy and Chantal is a great relationship to show young teenagers entering high school because it highlights the importance of morals and helping others.

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Sophia Karnolt is a senior at Thayer Academy. She loves traveling and spending time with friends and family. Last year, she went to the Galápagos Islands to help teach English to kids and clear out endangered species from planting fields. In school, her favorite subjects include English and science. She also runs for her school’s track and field team, and she loves the beach.

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