Samantha Waxman on “The Battle for Innocence” by Stacy Padula

In the book “The Battle For Innocence” by Stacy Padula, it focuses on the teens you have come to know but now, they are in 7th grade. It gives a small inside look at how they got to be where they are now. You get to experience some of the most confusing times in your life over again but with more drama. There is also a serious aspect to the book, which makes it relatable and helpful to any incoming freshman or high schooler.

Although 7th grade may sound easy for most, for MLMS students, it is far from it. The book touches on high school relationships, drinking and hardship. Which I personally believe should be spoken about in middle school onward to give a glimpse into the real world. Overall I highly recommend this book to incoming freshman or any high schooler. It’s a great read while giving you lessons most schools don’t teach about.

About Samantha Waxman

Samantha is a senior at Oliver Ames High School in Easton, MA. Some of her hobbies include cheering for her high school’s team, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her dog Rosie. Samantha’s favorite subject in school is history, and she is excited to start her senior year.


Jon Anderson and Chantal Kagelli are trying to live moral lives, but temptations are plaguing them in and out of school. Will they continue to be lights in their best friends’ lives or will they get pulled into the darkness?