A Teen’s Q&A about Montgomery Lake High #1 “The Right Person”


After reading “The Right Person” by Stacy Padula, Elizabeth H. of Needham, Massachusetts provided the following feedback:

1. What would you say is appealing about “The Right Person”?

The fact that this is a universal story is the most appealing thing about the book. It also focuses on teenage relationships which are very appealing to middle school and high school aged students. Teenagers often look to movies, tv, and books and apply the lessons or stories they see to their own lives. This book focuses on a love story and various relationships which makes it a very entertaining, yet still educational read, including  elements of both drama and comedy which grasp the attention of the target audience. The character development is also very appealing and creates a story that is able to resonate to teenagers.

2. What kept you wanting to read more?

Every teenager around the world will at some point in their life deal with a moral crisis, such as how to handle going to a party, and this book does a great job at creating a world and characters that are very relatable, drawing the reader in and making them very invested in the storyline. Additionally the detailed descriptions of every character and the setting in which the story takes place add to the intrigue of the entire story and made me want to keep reading more.

3. Who is your favorite character and who do you relate to the most in The Right Person? 

My favorite character is Chris. His storyline and arc was amazing to read and I really enjoyed how he changed his lifestyle for not only himself, but his younger sister, friends and God. He is a caring guy who was lost for a while and who suffered from a lot of pain and the absence of his parents. Despite these challenges he was able to overcome it all, becoming sober for 5 months, and implement change in the lives of others. His drive and compassion was very inspiring to see because many people in his situation could’ve stayed on the destructive path that he was on and their story would not have had the same happy ending.

I identify most with Courtney. Throughout the story Courtney struggles with a profound desire to be popular and her insecurities drive her to put herself into situations that she is not comfortable with and are not true to herself. High school is quite difficult for most people, but particularly for girls and the need to be liked by all, something that I can definitely relate to. Additionally the jealously seen in the relationship between Cathy and Courtney is common amongst teenage girls, especially when a boy is involved. I enjoyed the ending where we discover that Courtney finds herself back with her friends from middle school, the people who genuinely care for her and like to be around her for who she is, not because she likes to party.

4. Write a few sentences explaining how this story accurately portrays the life of a teenager.

This story describes a typical friend group, one that everyone is able to relate to and apply to their own life. Everyday teenagers are forced to make decisions that question and test their morality and this story uses the example of partying to illustrate the different choices one can make and the different outcomes that those choices result in. The temptation of alcohol and drugs is very prevalent in the lives of teenagers and only grows as one enters high school and college. The realistic descriptions throughout the story accurately portray some of the intimate conversations that teenagers have with friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, and family.