Isabelle Semas Reviews Gripped Part 3: The Fallout

Isabelle Semas

By Isabelle Semas, Massachusetts

Picking up where Gripped Part 2 left off, Gripped Part 3: The Fallout by Stacy Padula dives back into the life of Taylor Dunkin, promising athlete turned drug-dealer, and his fight to escape the Bilotti crime ring.  His brother, Marc Dunkin, is determined to help him in any way he can.  During the book we also learn more about Jason and Cathy’s relationship and how drugs affected it, as well as how the changes in Chris’s life altered his and Jason’s friendship.

Gripped Part 3: The Fallout is an informative read for tweens and teens.  It keeps teens hooked with its drama but is informative at the same time.  Covering the topic of substance abuse in a realistic way, Gripped 3 displays the how and the why behind addiction.

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Isabelle Semas is in her senior year of high school, and has been homeschooled most of her life.  She looks forward to graduating next year and hopes to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education.  In her spare time, she sings in a christian band named NHB with her friends, is very involved in her church’s children’s ministry, and enjoys art.  She hopes to someday publish a book of her own.

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