“Gripped” Relationships: Jordan Dunkin, Michelle Taylor, & Marc Dunkin

We continue our character relationship series with the greatest couple that hasn’t been—Jordan and Michelle—and one of the greatest couples from back in the day—Michelle and Marc. Michelle’s story with these two brothers could have its own book, and perhaps someday it will.

Jordan was a junior in high school when he set his eyes on Michelle; she was a freshman. As a junior, he was the captain of two varsity teams and he’d already had his fair share of girls, including college ones. Michelle was hailed the “hottest girl at MLH” shortly after Jordan set his sights on her, but it was a title she’d rather not have had. She and Jordan were worlds apart.

As an innocent fourteen-year-old with strong Christian morals and a commitment to her purity, attention from a slew of guys was the last thing Michelle wanted. Jordan’s brother Marc was Michelle’s saving grace because even though they had not dated since 8th grade, Marc looked out for Michelle and sort of laid claim to her as if they had never broken up. No one in their grade would cross Marc by making a pass at her, but Jordan had no reason to fear the wrath of his little brother. In typical Dunkin-brother competitive fashion, Jordan attempted to win Michelle’s heart, but it blew back on him like a hurricane.

As a senior, Jordan was pinned between a rock and a hard place after Michelle got sick at a party and Marc accused Jordan of slipping something into her drink. The truth about what made Michelle sick could not be revealed for reasons slowly being explained in the Gripped books. However, Michelle’s lack of explanation and Jordan’s willingness to stay silent for her sake greatly tarnished his reputation. Although Michelle cut ties with Jordan for a couple of years to appease Marc, the noble way Jordan handled the situation kept Michelle’s eyes on him.

Fast forward to Michelle’s senior year of high school and she and Jordan are no longer worlds apart. However a secret looms overhead, and when the truth comes out a lot will be at stake!