“Gripped” Relationships: Chantal Kagelli & Andy Rosetti

We continue our character relationship series with Andy Rosetti and Chantal Kagelli. Their relationship is shown the most in “The Forces Within” but it plays an important role in both the Gripped and MLH series.

Andy is ultimately the guy who came along and supported Chantal after Jon “broke her heart” (which was actually a giant misunderstanding). In the “Gripped” present day story, Chantal and Andy have been together for close to two years, but we don’t see much of them, except for in the flashbacks.

Andy had his eyes set on Chantal, in an unwavering way, since they met. Chantal was always attracted to Andy too, but her strong Christian beliefs led her into a relationship with Jon prior to dating Andy. However, Andy gave Chantal an amazing amount of support after she stopped being friends with her entire middle school clique. Pulling her into his group of friends, the “student council preps” (as Jason would call them), Andy provided Chantal with a social outlet while she was on the outs with Alyssa, Jon, and Cathy. He also came around to a solid understanding of Chantal’s evangelical Christian beliefs, so she felt spiritually supported too.

Faith is central to Chantal’s life making others happy is central to Andy’s. He is known as “Mr. Perfect” in his grade, as he involves himself in charity work and leadership activities constantly, never speaks a harsh word, wins over his teachers and everyone’s parents with ease, and manages to be accepted by every clique in his grade. When he suffers an accident in “When Darkness Tries to Hide,” thousands of people show up at his prayer service. Andy is quite beloved.

Chantal, who cares much more about sticking to her morals than gaining other people’s approval, is often misunderstood by people but still respected by many. Like her twin sister Cathy, she also runs into the problem of girls being mean to her because they are jealous of her, but Chantal always treats others kindly. She and Andy make a very nice couple—literally. They are two of the kindest souls in series.