“Gripped” Relationships: Jason Davids & Cathy Kagelli

We begin our character relationship series with Cathy Kagelli and Jason Davids. Their relationship is central to the Gripped and the MLH books in many ways. They are each other’s greatest advocate and greatest weakness. Their relationship is strong but tumultuous. Their connection is visceral.

Jason met Cathy when she was a shy and socially anxious thirteen year old. Jason helped pull her out of her shell and feel more comfortable in her own skin. However, when he tried to help her treat her anxiety, that’s when their problems began. Jason had the best intentions, but the consequences were grave.

Cathy, who tends to carry other people’s burdens, was overcome with deep, debilitating anxiety after she and her twin Chantal had a falling out (over a huge misunderstanding). Jason was her greatest comfort as he carried her through the pain. However, once she began taking prescription anxiety medication, her personality changed drastically, leaving Jason with a partner he could barely recognize. Jason, at the time, was not in the best state either. He had been drowning his own sorrows (after his falling out with Chris) in various substances. However, he never gave up hope that the real Cathy still existed somewhere inside of her, and she never gave up hope that Jason would escape his downward spiral and find himself again. At the time of their breakup, they were ghosts of themselves.

In Gripped, Jason sets off to try to rescue Cathy and remind her of who she really is. He’s back on track and ready to fight to win back her trust and love. He again becomes her greatest advocate, setting the record straight with those who thought ill of her because of her misunderstanding with Chantal.

Will Jason be able to save Cathy from herself? That’s a question left to be discovered in the Gripped Book Series.