New Y.A. Fiction Novel Teaches Teens Important Life Lessons

Written by Gianna Arcabascio, Pembroke, MA

Gianna Arcabascio is a rising senior at Archbishop Williams High school. She plays lacrosse and is team manger for the football and boys hockey. In school, she’s apart of student council, admissions ambassadors, and is involved in a lot of leadership opportunities. She looks to pursue a future career as an Athletic Trainer.

Gripped Part 2: Blindsided by Stacy A. Padula is an amazing book that should be read by all high school and middle school kids. The topics portrayed are relevant and important for all teenagers to hear. It is imperative to be aware of the consequences of drugs, alcohol, and sex. Kids can learn many lessons that will be of help to them in future situations. The topics are probably the most important ones teenagers need to learn. By reading the Gripped book series, they will gain an understanding of the effects of drugs and alcohol, as well as what they can do to a person. 

Blindsided is a perfect representation of the consequences of making childish decisions. This book draws you into the story even more. You grow into deeper relationships with the characters and learn some more background information about each one of them. We learn about some new characters. With these new characters, old relationships are ending and new ones are sprouting. After Chris’s incident, the lessons you have learned throughout the book become real. The characters start to see the value of maturity. This book will teach you important life lessons, while showing the consequences of not applying them to your life.

Fourteen-year-old Chris Dunkin is known for being the life of the party and everyone’s favorite friend. Despite his amicable nature, he carries around deep-seated pain from his childhood that he frequently numbs with alcohol and drugs.

After hosting a party, Chris awakes with a strange vibe running through his body and no recollection of the previous night. When he learns the horrifying truth of what his night entailed, the trajectory of his life is changed forever.

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