Marshfield High School Student Recommends Realistic Y.A. Novel

Written by Abby Fusco, Marshfield, MA

Abby Fusco is a senior at Marshfield High School. She has always enjoyed painting her dog, Teddy—a King Charles Cavalier. Her paintings made perfect gifts for her mother, and this inspired her to begin painting pet portraits for her friends and family. She founded A.R.F. Pet Portraits in 2020, where people can order paintings of their beloved animals by uploading a photo through her website. Abby’s love for animals inspired to donate 100% of the proceeds from her paintings to the Marshfield Animal Shelter.

The young adult book, Gripped Part 1: The Truth We Never Told by Stacy Padula takes you into the lives of several different teenagers and shows how high school really is. The intriguing story behind each character makes the book a quick read and almost impossible to put down once you start reading. The storyline jumps from one time to another, giving the reader a full understanding of the characters’ backgrounds and past experiences. Throughout the book, the reader sees all the drama and struggles most young teenagers experience in today’s world.

Not only does this book explain the drama, but it also has a message about how easy it is for teenagers to fall into addiction in high school. This relatable book is perfect for any teenager who craves to read about the drama and struggles of high school. Every second of this book is enjoyable and has lots of unexpected stories layered into the plot.


In high school, Taylor Dunkin broke more records than any other athlete to step foot in Montgomery, Massachusetts. As a sophomore in college, he was ranked by ESPN as one of the NFL’s top 100 prospects. However, his aspirations came to a jarring halt when a knee injury and two surgeries left him sidelined.

One year later, Taylor is a person of interest in a highly confidential investigation headed by the Boston Police Department. He has entangled himself in a crime ring notorious for pushing opiates, cocaine, and benzodiazepines on local college campuses.

When Taylor’s younger brother Marc discovers that Taylor is behind the copious drug supply circulating around Montgomery Lake High School, he sets off to not only reverse the damage Taylor has caused, but also save his lifelong role model from becoming a casualty of America’s deadly opioid epidemic.