Put Politics Aside & Fight Against Terror

I feel compelled to write on this topic, because I am sickened that people are trying to use the horrific Vegas massacre as a platform for political agenda. Until our political leaders stop blaming the other side of the aisle and look at this objectively, nothing is going to get better. I tend to lean more right, but WHO CARES. This is not about party! It is about working together to save lives!

There is so much more that needs to be done with gun permit background checks to protect our citizens. You’re on the terrorist watch list? How about, “Sorry no gun for you.” Is that not common sense? Perhaps the law passed by the Democrat majority senate in 2010 that legalized “bump stocks” (the device used by the Vegas murderer to make his guns automatic) should be repealed. Perhaps people who apply for a gun permit should waive their right to HIPPA protection so the government can do more thorough background checks and avoid licensing people mentally at risk for hurting themselves and others. Perhaps this isn’t one party’s fault or the other – perhaps evil people are at fault.

Our government should be doing EVERYTHING in its power to get already illegal automatic weapons and now-legal bump stocks out of this country. This problem is bigger than politics, bigger than the NRA, and bigger than party. It needs to be addressed by our leaders. A common enemy usually unites people: How much more bloodshed do the republicans and democrats need to put aside their differences and address the real issue? Put politics aside and DO SOMETHING!

Disclaimer: I am all for one’s right to bear arms and protect himself, but that can be done with a small handgun or simple hunting rifle. No bump stock needed.