Love Japanese Cuisine?

As an avid sushi eater and lover of avocado, I have had my fair share of avocado salads at restaurants all over the south shore and metro west. However, I was most impressed by Legal Roof Deck’s version of this Japanese favorite.

The truth about avocado salad is that it can easily be made in your own kitchen, to serve 2 people, for about $4. So restaurants that are charging $8 for an individual salad, are doubling the price and cutting the size in half. Just saying!

Simple Avocado Salad Recipe:
Peel 2 avocados
Dice them into half inch cubes
Mix 1 table spoon of Wasabi Mayo in with the avocado (taste to see if you want to add more)
Use 1 can of real crab meat, 1/2 cup of fresh crab meat, or crab-stick
Mix crab meat with a half a table spoon of Wasabi Mayo
Then mix the crab and avocado together
That’s it! All done!


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